Platforma AO Stealth 3 L Copper


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Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje
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Svoris 1637
Konkeivas N/A
Platformos kakliukas Monoblock
Vairo kolonėlė Integruotas
Platformos plotis 120 mm
Platformos ilgis 575 mm
Headtube kampas N/A
Headtube aukštis 106
Footspace 390
Deck-end Peg-cut
Griptape Ne
Platforma | Suderinamumas su rato skersmeniu 100, 110, 115, 120, 125
Suderinamumas su rato įvorės pločiu 24 mm
Platforma | Suderinamumas su rato PU pločiu 24 mm
Stabdžio tipas Flex stabdys
Medžiagos tvirtumo laipsnis T6
Medžiaga Aliuminis
AO’s flagship Stealth 3 deck got a complete makeover. It is now 4 ¾” wide (120 mm), comes with a new forged neck, new brake and an extra wide flat area in the front for smooth nose blunts. The light weight but super strong design features U-shaped welds which avoid cutting through and weakening the deck. The wide neck base provides extra leverage and creates a solid connection to the deck. AO also redesigned the break which is shorter, lighter and can now be adjusted with only 1 hand. It allows two brake positions and fits both 110 and 125 mm wheels. The deck is all flat to fully utilize the grinding area and the outside grind rails minimize friction. Rounded edges on the sides are finger and ankle friendly.